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Monday, May 23, 2011


So I have started taking a drawing class that is required for my new major Visual Art and Design (hooray!), and I was very afraid because I didn't think I had that much talent with a pencil but I've gotta tell you guys, I'm quite surprised.

By the way, I hope Melissa reads this because she would be uber proud of me! :D

Anyway, here is a picture of the model I drew in class tonight. I will probably be posting more pictures of my drawings as they come.
It might not seem amazing but it's the best thing I've ever drawn so I'm proud XD

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  1. FISH!!!Yes your Melissa is reading your post and she is LOVING IT!

    First of all I love figure drawing (which usually is nudes ;) so I love the subject matter and secondly you have a right to be proud, this is GOOD!

    I am actually a bit jealous, when I enrolled in advanced drawing at the U they paired the class with the beginner and so we all had to do really basic stuff like drawing lines, shapes and value scales (so I dropped the class). You are so lucky to be able to do figure so early.

    This just shows how much potential you have. You will learn more technique then develop your own really bad-ass style!

    Keep it up!